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Tackling Burglary

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This page contains historical archive information on what emerged from the Home Office’s Reducing Burglary Initiative (1999-2002).

The Good Practice Guide consists of a number of reports and research documents that may help practitioners to reduce burglary.

The most important point is that there is no single universal solution. Burglary problems and their causes vary from location to location and these also apply to the best approaches to reduce them. Something that works in one area may not work in another. Those that take time to analyse and understand their local problems and base their intervention on that analysis have the best chance of being successful

The Reducing Burglary Initiative (RBI)

The Reducing Burglary Initiative funded 250 local burglary reduction projects around the country, and was split into three rounds between 1999 and 2002. The overall impact of this Initiative has been evaluated and lessons about what works most cost-effectively have already been learnt.

The research below takes a closer look at some of the RBI projects.

  • Reducing Burglary Initiative: early findings

  • Project Summary Rochdale

  • Project Summary Fordbridge, Solihull

  • Project Summary Yew Tree, Sandwell

  • Project Summary Stirchley, Birmingham

  • Older victims of Burglary

Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police have produced a very useful document called Tackling Burglary: A Survey of Research. This in depth report aims to identify what interventions have been shown to work, based on robust evaluative research, in reducing and preventing burglary. The report is attached below and is divided into specific sections for ease of use:

Effective Practice Database

To find out about more crime reduction projects and initiatives that practitioners are implementing around the country please go to our Effective Practice Database and search the various categories. You can also post your project on this site to share with other practitioners.

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