Although crime is at an all time low it doesn’t quite feel that way

Our successful security services

These services include:

  • Static Manned Guards
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Industrial and Commercial Security
  • Gatehouse and Reception Duties
  • School Watch
  • Industrial Watch for Trading/Industrial Estates
  • Free site survey and security recommendations
  • Quotations and tenders prepared
  • Key holders escorted
  • A “best value” policy for all our clients
  • Lone females escorted
  • Lone persons monitored
  • Alarm response
  • Security Guards

Crime can begin from a young age so its important that your aware of all the risk factors out there, such as:

School risks:

  • Low achievement beginning in primary school;
  • Aggressive behaviour, including bullying;
  • Lack of commitment, including truancy;
  • School disorganisation.

Risks within the community:

  • Disadvantaged neighbourhood;
  • Community disorganisation and neglect;
  • Availability of drugs;
  • High turnover and lack of neighbourhood attachment.

Why were the best at what we do?

All our security appliances are of the highest quality, competitively priced and if something were to go wrong it doesn’t matter as they come with a 2 year guarantee.

There are never any hidden costs, our customer service is always available and happy to help.

Our security guards have worked so hard to evict squatters, patrol residential areas, and install security equipment ie electronic clocking, providing you with a quality assured record each week of our Security Guards’ patrol duties,  when their on site at your property.

Whenever you need any security services be sure to give us a call.